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the blue prohibprint is ou there now. texas tech will have work to do to shore up the run defense. >> gus: third down and four. here comes the blitz. and oklahoma state will not pick up the first down. rennie childs comes up a little short. and here comes the cowboy punt team. >> charles: based on what we're seeing tonight, the person who has some work to do is jeremy smith. rennie childs has been very impressive behind desmond roland tonight. >> gus: davis comes up and this ball will be downed at the 36. 7:01 to go in the fourth. yeah, the windshield just... glass broke and -- and screeching and i saw a... you know, a body come down from off the top of the -- the van. and i just thought, oh my gosh, what have i done. i just...what have i done? there's never...never a day that i -- i wake up and i don't think about it. [ deep sigh ] afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and
year and a half, general martins and his team of prosecutors, defense lawyers, bailiffs, interpreters-- about 250 people in all-- are airlifted aboard a government charter to the u.s. naval base at guantanamo bay, cuba, at a cost of $90,000 a flight. >> hello, everyone, and welcome back to guantanamo bay, cuba, pearl of the antilles. >> stahl: when the trial begins more than a year from now, it'll be the biggest war crimes tribunal since nuremberg, and much of the burden rests on general martins' shoulders. so, when it's a military tribunal or commission, how is it different from a civilian proceeding? >> mark martins: the similarities really swamp the differences. i mean, the accused is presumed innocent, the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. >> stahl: general martins knows a lot's at stake-- the 9/11 defendants must be seen as getting a fair and legitimate hearing. >> martins: we've got to ensure that what we do in these cases is justice and can't be accused of being vengeance. and that's a great challenge. >> stahl: now, we have talked to some of the defense a
defense motions and justice needs to be served for nearly 3,000 people killed on september 11th. however, the defense attorneys want to do everything they can to save their clients lives, about the defendants, their capture and the torture they suffered. they also want the black sites where the defendants were held to be preserved as evidence. plus the lawyers want the government to stop monitoring their meetings with the defendants. >> i am bad news. >> and then there is this request: defense lawyers want all the information the government gave the producers of the movie zero dark 30. from the very beginning the defendants have moved to dismiss the case for what they call government bias. but it is highly unlikely that they can persuade the judge to do so given the importance of the case. >> part of why this has taken so long is we are walking through each issue very, very carefully because i think everyone realizes that the eyes of history are upon them. >> trying to balance the rights of the accused with the government's attempt to hold them accountable. no he feat. guantanamo bay, c
't be accused of being vengeance, and that's a great challenge. >> now we have talked to some of the defense attorneys and they've told us it's a show trial. it's a charade. >> well, i don't think a test of any system is what the defense counsel say about it. >> reporter: but as hard as he tries to show it as a fair trial he keeps running into one obstacle after the next starting with the reputation of the venue itself guantanamo bay, where 114 detainees sit in these cells, most for 12 years. one of them cried out when he saw our cameras. >> please, we are tired. you leave us to die in this? tell the world the truth. let the world hear what's happening. >> 12 years. with no charges. >> that's one of the reasons i have a sense of urgency to try everybody that we can try. >> does it in any way taint what you're doing? >> i wouldn't characterize it as taint. i believe it influences people's perceptions. >> lesley staal joins us. this is remarkable. so what defense will they raise? >> well, we're in pretrial hearings at the moment and they've been going on and on and will go f
talked to some of the defense attorneys and they've told us it's a show trial. it's a charade. >> well, i don't think a test of any system is what the defense counsel say about it. >> reporter: but as hard as he tries to show it as a fair trial he keeps running into one obstacle after the next starting with the reputation of the venue itself, guantanamo bay, where 114 detainees sit in these cells, most for 12 years. one of them cried out when he saw our cameras. >> please, we are tired. you leave us to die in this? tell the world the truth. let the world hear what's happening. >> 12 years. with no charges. >> that's one of the reasons i have a sense of urgency to try everybody that we can try. >> does it in any way taint what you're doing? >> i wouldn't characterize it as taint. i believe it influences people's perceptions. >> lesley staal joins us. this is remarkable. so what defense will they raise? >> well, we're in pretrial hearings at the moment and they've been going on and on and will go for at least another year and at the moment the big issue is torture because all of the five de
are saying that they want proper access to their client and prepare the type of defense that they would present, and what could be said in his defense. to do that they need to seek permission from the prosecutor, permission to go to the prison that he was taken to today. and once they get that they will be able to go to that prison, which has 15,000 inmates inside, several hundreds members of the muslim brotherhood, but not the senior ones. that is what happens now for mr. morsi's point of view. >> dominick we saw morsi for the first time. was that a good thing, a bad thing as far as peace in the country is concerned, and are those demonstrators still out on the streets? >> well, the demonstrators have left the straits in the main. there is no suggestion of clashes or major clashes. >> i would say the situation is now calmer on the streets this evening this evening here in cairo, and there may be the opportunity for month protests tomorrow, and we have to take that with a pinch of assault. >> dominick, thank you very much. >> relatively quiet morning so far on wall street. investors hol
are turning to liposuction so they can pass the pentagon body fat test. some service members say the defense department method of estimating body fat is weeding out not just flaby physique but muscular build as well. they use a measuring tape to estimate body fat levels. now a number of doctors and fitness expert call the fitness standard to change. >> texas man survived being struck by lightning not once but twice over the weekend. 31-year-old casey wagner was at off road racing competition saturday when the storm rolled in as they do in that part of texas. wagner occupied tree when hit by lightning. he dropped to his knee and was then struck a second time. wagner says he saw it. >> shot up through her and went across my chest and came out about rate here. i had like discoloration where it would have popped out. >> nurse who happened to be nearby cared for wagner until taken to the hospital. doctors told him he will have a tingling sensation for about a week. that's it. >> the coming up next open 7 news at 9:00. new report sheds light open how much the president knew about a governm
candy. bullies win again. ravens over the browns, 24-17. >> ravens' defense has been good, held the last two opponents to fewer than 20 points. still, the ravens lost both of those games. i think they're going to hold cleveland to 13 points. and they should score enough to beat the browns, 23-13. and i'll have player reaction to those changes on the offensive line. coming up a little later on in sports. back to you for now. >> looking forward to it. thank you, mark. >>> and a reminder, you can see the ravens battle the browns this sunday. 4:15. the game begins. live here on wjz. >>> and still to come on wjz eyewitness news. new, legal action. jerry sandusky asks to review the case. what he says jurors should have known. >>> i'm alex demetrick. coming up, final arguments in the stent lawsuit. now the jury will set the damages. that story as eyewitness news continues. >>> four of maryland's high school students are graduating within four years. i'll plain. >>> and a gorgeous end to what started out a gray day. what can we expect for the weekend? we'll have your first warning weather foreca
, the defense bill, move them all individually. there is not enough time when we talk about the calendar. there is not enough time to move all of the bills individually at this point. host: sarah from dover, pennsylvania. caller: good morning. i would like to change the subject a little bit if i can. i live on medicare. the medicare and food stamps -- i am surviving on $125 a week. if they take food stamps away from me -- the -- [indiscernible] he needs to feeds us first before he feeds anyone else. and also, we have a place to live. our guys come home from the service. they are losing because they have no place to live. i would like to see that to happen, too. thank you. host: there is a story in politico. the headline talks about the farm bill that it gets no respect, referencing rodney dangerfield. why is this an important discussion happening? guest: the last time we had a farm bill, that law expired in 2008. what is it, 2013? it has been five years since we had a new farm bill passed. the fact they are going into conference to sit down in both chambers, that is huge. that is somethi
's veracity. and tonight they're trying to push back. white house aides began mounting an aggressive defense of why potentially millions of people who buy their own insurance were told by president obama they could keep their plans yet suddenly cannot. >> what we're talking about here is the 5% in the country who currently purchase insurance on the individual market. and that market has been like the wild west. >> reporter: that 5% in the individual insurance market translates into up to 14 million people. and the real question now about the wild west is whether the president was fast and loose with the facts. >> if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period. >> reporter: the white house is now adding all kinds of context and qualifiers saying what he meant is anyone who had insurance before health care was signed into law in march 2010 is grandfathered in, except on the third anniversary of the bill signing this march the president put out a written statement using the present tense declaring "if you like the plan you have, you can keep it." and on monday ni
vengeance. that's a great challenge. >> we have talked to some of the defense attorneys and they have told us it's a charade. >> i don't think any system what the counsel says about it. har har hard as he tries to see that it's a fair trial, he keeps running into one obstacle after the next. starting with the reputation of guantanamo where 164 detainees sit in the cells, most for nearly 12 years. except for the 9/11 five, most have not been charmed. cried out when he saw our cameras. >> you leave us to die? let the world hear what's happening! >> 12 years. no charges. >> that's one of the reasons i have a sense of urgency to try everyone we can try. >> does this taint what you are doing? >> i don't believe it taints but influences perceptions. >> joining us this is remarkable. what defense will they raise? >> we are in pretrial hearings at the moment and they have been going on and on and will go for another year. at the moment the big issue is torture. all of the five defendants this is the 50 trial from 9/11. all of the defendants were taken to these black sites and subm
nfl defense entering their game with the eagles. well, what happened to it? fitting that john maddon was there because it looked like a video game. nick foles tied an nfl record with seven touchdown passes. the raiders' defense had to answer for foles who had previously started just eight nfl games before yesterday afternoon. they blew out the silver and black 49-20. the raiders are now 3-5. >>> scary moment from houston. texans coach gary kubiak collapses during halftime. he was taken to a local hospital. he was listed in stable condition last night. he never lost consciousness. he did not have a heart attack. >>> andrew luck led a 4th quarter come back and the colts beat the texans 27-24? alex smith and the chiefs remain undefeated. a big help from the defense. a pick six at the goal line. one of two chiefs defensive touchdowns. they are 9-0. they win 23-13. >>> and in harding park perry clenched the season. but the tournament belonged to fred couples who coasted to his ninth win. perry goes home with the schwab cup and the million dollars first prize. >>> get ready to stir up the
care about defense fracture and education. if fell madly we don't take on the larger challenges then the people relying open the program we're not doing a service to them. it they are important for our nation. and they are important to i know many of my constituents and others who are relying on them for a secure retirement and future. my home is that we can lay a foundation for a larger fiscal agreement for the country as my colleague talked about. because if we don't get at the underlying fiscal challenges, then we're going continue to be where we are today. one thing i hope we can agree on islet not kick the can down the road again. sis fiscal year 2007 we've had 16 continuing redd resolution. think about it short term funding pieces anyone who interacts with the government has no certainty in the private sector in term behalf we're going do next. no one run a business this way, no one run a family this way. i hope in a minimum around the table we can agree to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year and commit to ourselves that there won't be anymore government
forward the lead of the defense. he was a presidential candidate but he wasn't allowed to act on behalf of mohamed morsi, as you're hearing. he's saying that he doesn't respect the legitimacy of the court. when he explained to us that the judge put the charges to morse any, the charge to incite murder, he didn't respond and didn't recognize that the court is a legitimate court. and we're hearing some of the lawyers for the other muslim brotherhood defendant who is were standing newspaper court and shouting down with the military, down with the military leaders, and people on the journalistic bench shouting to morsi execute him, execute him. he wants to defend himself even though he does not believe there are proceedings to be defended. one of the lawyers outside of the court explain why they were not that concerned. >> we're sure the president will be able to defend himself. let me stress that morsi was like a lion in the court. he said, i'm the legitimate president. he didn't like the judiciary to be part of the coup. >> shthey didn't seem to dispere after the trial was adjourned. >> y
on european citizens. it represents information that we and our nato allies have collected in defense of our countries and in support of military operations. >> reporter: our european allies still not satisfied with this defense. i met last night with the vice president of the european parliament who said a serious trust deficit remains and that deficit is likely to have consequences, including on a major trade agreement the two sides are discussing right now. kate and chris, you have a german delegation visiting the white house. the issue that seems to spark the most anger for the european side is not just that spying take place but it went right up to the leaders such as angela merkel. that's the issue that sparks the most anger. >> all right, jim, thank you so much. interesting, though. mike rogers always says, that's why the president has to have an encrypted blackberry and cell phone. everyone is trying to spy on president obama as well. >> we don't know how much the politics is masking the practicalities these days. >> good one. >>> another storm, not of the political nature, a real on
on the defensive about its medical care program. the secretary of state got an earful while the penalty promoted it. we have more from washington. >> before there was obamacare, there was romney care, the massachusetts law that was a model for the affordable care act. visiting boston, president obama said the comparison still holds. >> because you guys had a proven model that we built the affordable care act on this template. >> the president spoke in the same spot where mitt romney, his former rival signed the massachusetts law seven years ago. with many now having their existing health care plans canceled, even after he repeatedly promised they could keep them, the president now says they'll be happier with the new plan. >> if you're getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. you're going to get a better deal. >> but for some, that deal could mean higher monthly costs than they paid under their old plan. >> will you go into the exchanges -- >> i -- >> if you can, will you? >> on capitol hill, republicans attacked the changes and person in charge of them, health and hum
by accident and lived to tell about it, yes. in the faa's defense, there's a difference between idol cell phones on takeoff and landing and dozens of devices uploading and downloading data. it made sense to go slowly. it makes sense to go this. concerns about passengers being distracted during risky times of flight. when things go wrong on rare occasions they do, it happens during takeoff and landing. books and magazines distract us too. that argument didn't hold much water. it made sense to wait. >> i understand the argument that maybe they are distracted. but i just - what i don't really understand is why it took so long to determine electronically and to do all the technical studies that they need that show that it never had any effect. as you say, there were plenty of people who probably had their phones on. >> no, no question. and look, the faa has sort of taken the global lead in doing this. different parts of the world have gone at different speeds. there are places in the world where you can use a cell phone during flight. you can't do that in the united states. but the faa, in th
idea? >> to continue the falcons theme here, back then the defensive coordinator took over for dan reeves. right now they are talking about the defensive coordinate forfor denver, jack del rio, who is also head coach at jacksonville back in the day. not a very good one, i might add. but at this point, you have peyton manning as your quarterback, you just need someone who can fog up the maror so fox can get back -- >> i like that. fog up the mirror. keep them warm. right. so let's stay with the nfl here. dolphins jonathan martin, this week, he left the team after an parent prank in the cafeteria. there were reports he was bullied by teammates. today the team issued a statement saying in part our primary concern for jonathan is his overall health and well-being. as an organization we take any accusations of player misconduct seriously. the notion of bullying is based on speculation that hasn't been presented to us as a concern for jonathan or anyone else internally. what do you make of this story? >> let's put this in perspective. i've done reporting on this over the last couple of d
for the grand jury. and there were defense attorneys that decided to attack the stem by claiming judges were by a disproportionate number, appointing too many anglos as grand jury foremen because that's what judges did. judges selected the informationman for the grand jury. did not select the members. but among the members, would choose who the foreman would be. and i was subpoenaed one time back then without the defense attorneys doing their homework and they intended to put me on the stand in their attack on a raceist grand jury foreman system and used that to establish that, gee, it was grossly unfair, disproportionately number of anglos were chosen. and before i testified, they did their homework and found out hat actually, it was a disproportionate appointment, if you only looked at race, i had ppointed proportionly more african-americans as informationmen of my grand jury than the percentage of african-americans in my district. . and the reason i did that is because i didn't care who anybody's race was. it didn't matter to me. but i had to look at the backgrounds of the individuals, lo
according to the cbo. snap is the first line of defense for the most vulnerable among us and help insure millions of americans and have access to food. the fact the house proposed and passed a bill with such unconsciousble cuts to snap is beyond me. we do not turn backs on farmers seeking help with crob insurance, and we should not turn our backs on hungry americans. according to the environmental working group, taxpayers subsidize 6 # 2% of a cost of farmers insurance premiums. some can be as much as 100% of the cost of the most basic coverage level. crop insurance is the only farm income support program not subject to some of -- some form of means testing. that is why i support the senate language which reduces level of premium subsidies to farmers with aadjusted growth income, and some of the other concerns include the mandatory funding level for outreach and assistance for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers. the inclogs of central state university as a land grant institution, and the ability of schools to serve more fruits and vegetables under the fresh fruit and vegetable p
at griffin here, he'll time the move and smothered john felman's shot. look you kids that's help defense. morgan, help defense. griffin had 20 points and 17 boards. six minutes left. kings by two. chris paul for three. paul, three of five. later in the fourth la up by one, paul with a lob to deand re jardan, 26 points, 10 assist, a third straight double, double. clips win it. >> turning to the nhl. semon varlamov was back on the ice just two days after he was arrested on third degree assault charges after he allegedly kicked his girlfriend in the chest and dragged her by the fair. after posting $5,000 bond, semon varlamov was given permission to travel with the team to dallas. he has a restraining order to prevent him seeing his girlfriend. the coach started semon varlamov against the stars. he stopped 27 of 29 shots. the avalanche approving to one and 11. usc continues its climb to respectability since lane kipen was dismissed after the 3 and 2 start. the troejans facing oregon state. first place from scrim ig. watch cody looking for someone deep. finding mark eastly, he's so wide open
health care? >> health care. the red line, i am the sergeant of defense -- but the corruption is as great as under richard nix nixon. >> it's the line that if you like your insurance can you keep your insurance. >> how sticky is the perception problem for this president among his own party? they are going to be facing election, re-election, some of them, a year from now, and -- >> let me speak to this as a democrat. everybody stayed together until recently on health care. there has been break-away centers as we talked about last week on delaying the individual mandate, delaying the penalty, and now when the white house has acknowledged they didn't tell the truth, you are going to see democrats increasingly moving away from the president who for five years, five and a half years have unquestionable loyalty. >> and then even bill maher who said it, i thought as much of a problem that i have, he said it and he said i thought president obama was honest, and he's not and neither are you, and he tore his guest apart. the problem for the democrats is who is going to go off the cliff and who is g
of a larger pattern which is defensiveness, i fear, guilt, shame, those emotions get in our way both from really confronting history and appreciating the the sort of-- tentacles of slavery and how fundamental it was to the birth and success of our nation, and for the wavesway of immigrants that came subsequently. aroundiously, discomfort grappling with the implications for today and really coming to grips with that. i hear so many black americans say, were not kind to guilt trip you, quit taking it so personally. we just want you white folks to show up for the work -- to work together with us for repairing those harms that continue to plague this country. i notice how i have gone from extreme major guilt reaction upon learning about my family and region to a more grounded, and i would say mature and taker ability to stock. we are in extreme case, again, but it provides a view into what i think all white americans need to look at the legacy of white religion whatnot. >> katrina, what is your dewolf 's family to brown? , of course,sity based in rhode island. i know one of the dewolfs wrote
. the white house, the state department -- crisscross. the white house, the state department, the defense department, the c.i.o. were all involved, resulting in overlapping but uncoordinated investigations. benghazi was a terrorist attack. we needed team effort to find out what happened. why it happened. and how we are going to bring the perpetrators to justice. any of these chairmen would be capable of leading this select committee, and other members of their committees would be very good to serve as well. they would do a good job. i have confidence in them. let me be clear, i have no intention of chairing or serving on the select committee. i will not serve on the select committee. i just want to learn the truth, just like the american people. there is a history in congress that when things overlap between committees and transcend jurisdictions, select committees were established. two well-known examples, watergate and iran contra. i am submitting for the record a list of the past select committees over the past 50 years, which will be at the end of my statement. a select committee woul
not going to take no for answer. they went on and on and on. >> this is proof the first line of defense is the fdny and nypd need to recheck and re-evaluate how long they wait before they start looking for someone is missing. 72 hours is three days. he was there two days. another 24 hours he may not have made it. >> like his friends say they might have never known where he was. they might have found him 50 years from now. who knows? >> if you are telling the authorities he went in to the building and never came out, he's in the building. let's go look for him. it can't be that difficult. >> stands to reason. >> well, there you have it. >>> nfl coach gary kubiak in the hospital this morning after collapsing during a game last night. the houston head coach was walking off the field at halftime when he slumped over and went down. a moment later he appeared to be talking and sitting up. he was carried off on a stretcher. the team said he did not have a heart attack. houston went on to lose to the indianapolis colts. >>> new developments in the battle between major league baseball and rodrig
. they are the first-line line of defense against to these maniacs . i think it is ridiculous. --t: you mean tsa agency e tsa agents? caller: i'm not talking about 10 yards or 20 yards away. i'm talking about have somebody somewhere in the immediate facility with a weapon. airport was roaming the and nobody with a gun was anywhere to be found. as far as other procedures that could take place either from the airport loss -- airport's point of view or government's point of view, your thoughts on arming tsa agents, what are your thoughts on how to improve overall airport security? i guess you have to get them in the front door. this guy apparently walked in the front or with a weapon. if you go to a lot of places, schools or whatever, you walk through a metal to tactic. that is what we need, get them from the front as they come in the door. host: the orange county register has a graphic. with a man opened fire semi automatic weapon. this is the tsa screening area. he continued to shoot, according to a witness. tsa officer gerardo hernandez .as shot from the point where he enters into the point where he ge
with the support of many groups, including the national farmers union, national corn growers, it national defense fund, it was quite a group and we look forward to working with the house on that. now the senator will address the work we have done with conservation challenges like flooding. we also have limited direct payments to form the commodity programs by strengthening some of the payment limits to make sure the people eligible or farmers and not urban millionaires. we have continued the successful sugar program. the livestock program, and i also strongly support the funding in our bill for the senate energy provision, including expanding homegrown renewable energy as we look at the success of reduced dependence on foreign oil, from 60% to 40%. a lot of it has to deal with what i have seen from biofuels, 10% of our nation's fuel supply, they have been very important to this change. the new farmers and ranchers provision is something we have worked hard on including in the bill. the importance of the snap and seniorsilies still need to put food on the table. the senate made some that's me -- m
is correct. the new boyscouts of perk question. 200 point question with regoing to be on permanent defense for the foreseeable future is the bleak assessment of a strategist writing in a moem memo in what major state? >> time. correct answer is california. california. 200 point question, this leader, this world loader was named this week by "forbes" magazine as the world's most powerful person. time. vladmir putin of russia. 200 point question. this current cabinet secretary received a high five from red sox center fielder jacoby. >> secretary kerry. >> john kerry is correct. dwurg world series game on wednesday. during his 2004 campaign, kerry famously mangled the name of the green bay packers home field calling it what? >> calling it? >> no penalty for guessing here. >> frigid field. >> he called it lambert field, it was actually lambeau field. brings us to the end of the round. tom at 100. martp at negative 100. however, this is the ph.d. round. this is 300 point questions here. >> i got a 200 point question. >> he's contesting the score. judge, is he right or wrong? >> right. martin yo
scoring one touchdown on offense. who cares when your defense oscores two touchdowns. the chiefs were the worse last season. they won two games. now they're pulling off an improbable turn around. chris, kate. we will see how good this kansas city defense s. up next, for the two of three games will be peyton manning and the denver broncos. they have them twice in weeks. >> the true test, taking on peyton manning. all right, joe. >>> now, it's the top of the hour, it means it's time for your top news. [ music playing ] >> all his vital signs are good. but they're still checking on everything with him. >> breaking overnight the coach of the houston texans suddenly collapses, then rushed to the hospital. another coach hospitalized days ago. >>> a plan of attack, exclusive new details from a woman that knew him well. what settle off and just how long had he been planning the attack? >>> stuck, a college student falls as much as five stories down, lenny, between two buildings, trapped for days. we have the dramatic rescue. >> your "new day" starts right no now. >> what you need to know....
of their stand their ground laws. she said her son died because george zimmerman misinterpreted the self-defense law. >>> protesters marched through the streets of santa rosa, california, on the same day a 13-year-old fatally shot by a sheriffs deputy was laid to rest. andy lopez killed by an officer who mistook his pellet gun for an assault weapon. >>> and the wine shortage is going to get worse. consumption has been rising almost without interruption since the late '90s. but production has been on a downward spiral since the early 2000s. those are some of our top stories on this wednesday, october 30th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> all right. happy wednesday, everybody. ready to do a little halloween action? >> perfect day. it is hump day. right in the middle of the week. why not do some candy? >> we have favorite candies from way back. we have candies from the '60s, '70s -- i think we missed the '80s somehow. prepackaged candies. stuff that will blow your mind. >> from what i understand, there are overlap in the boxes. some of the
matter only exacerbates it and makes it more urgent. >> i'm not sitting here and playing defense attorney. like padea we held him on bogus charges -- so there we go. we stayed away -- >> the sabin story was unbelievable. >> we all watched "60 minutes." >> apologize for miami. >> he said it reflected very poorly on my character the way i left there. >> a lot of stuff i learned. >> a real regret. never seen regret from nick sabin. he had it last night on "60 minutes." now go to your affordable care act. we should do more than kick the president around. >> according to the associated press, 3.5 million americans have been issued cancellation notices. >> but the president -- >> think about this. you want 7 million signed up but right now you have 3.5 million kicked off. it's about 5% that are going to experience this upgrade or this move to another plan not being able to see their doctors. listen to me. >> if you like -- >> in the grand scheme of things, it's a small number and it should have been considered if you know anything about rolling out anything in the press. you should have known t
and human services secretary because it looked as if she came off as somebody not that defensive, who didn't have a lot of answers. and when the questions kept coming, after awhile you feel kind of bad for her. >> you think that has to do with the ratio male to female? that is a tricky thing to overcome in terms of perception. >> i don't think anybody should feel better about the program and i don't think you should feel she's had her hands in every element of the program. there are people that write this stuff and can answer any question whether you like it or not. i don't think the president can answer every detail and i don't think she can answer. >> they were trying to pin her down, who exactly is responsible for this debacle, and at one point she said michelle snider, who works over at the centers for medicare and medicaid services. and then the congress person said she's responsible for the debacle? and she said, no. hold me accountable. i'm responsible for the debacle. then when they pressed her to try to say that barack obama was in charge of the department, she wound up saying, wh
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